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Well, first off, as covered on the "What is Mento?" page, mento isn't calypso, even though it's often referred as calypso.

If you search the web on mento, you'll find a lot of misleading hits. It was results like these that made me realize that I needed to create this web site.


Every mento fan has been involved in this unfortunate
piece of dialog:

"I like mento."

"You mean the mint?"

But the word "mento" is used in a lot of other places:


  Nope, they're
not ganja.





Apparently, there are a lot of fish with "mento" in their taxonomic classification. Below are a mento Piranha, mento Flying Fish and mento Trigger Fish. Sadly, there is not a mento Saltfish to be found. I wonder if any of these can be escoviched?


Well, if I need landscaping or paving, I know who I'm calling:


I wonder if  they do a lot of work in
the city of Mentopolis?


Where the only
acceptable lighting is from
"Mento Lamps"...




...and the time can only be ascertained from a Mento clock!


Mento's Ice Cream and Water Ice shop of New Jersey in the US.

I hope its flavors include "Mango Time", "Jamaica Banana", "Green Guava", "Breadfruit Season", etc.


Mento sooths the
ears -- and ear piercing!

Mento isn't really
that hard to find.
You just have to remember to shop
at "The On-Line Electrolysis Superstore".



Or, you can 
drill an oil field
and then to pump
the records out of
the ground.

The web site below makes two valid points. First, it points out, "mento cool". Second, it shows just how hard mento can be to find: to buy Syrian mento soap, you have to use a Korean web site!



Hey, did I just find a book about mento on Amazon?

1858. The parables for the clergy, but intelligence for the people. This book presents the new science as based upon axioms instead of parables; including a key to the mysteries of the New Testament, with a revelation on faith, addressed to the era of civilization. As the author states: Mind is mind; and all but it, it knows; but, like the vital force, from itself it sows: truth, from without, to this center flows, errors made within, upon this center goes.

I guess not.


Check this magician's trick, the "mento-match".

And check the description:
"Great...and is not electronic"!

...must be rural mento.


"Mento Notebook"
is another magic
trick for sale.

Sometimes, mento is music, but it isn't mento. "Duo Mento" consists of Dr. Steven Mento and Ms. Loretta Mento. This brother & sister pianist duo play classical music, not mento, missing out on such album title possibilities as "Mento Mento Mento". My advice to the duo is, at the very least, shake some maracas to live up to their name!

Shortly after I posted this, Dr. Steven reached out via email and displayed a great sense of humor.

Nope, this is not some super obscure middle-period dance-band hotel LP, even if it features clarinet and is autographed by the artist, Danny Mento.

No word yet whether he is a relation to Steven and Loretta.

  Nor do we know for sure whether the autograph was signed using the mento pen seen here.

Mento Buru is not mento, and is not a misspelling of (King) Barou, nor is it a series of burro (donkey) songs, such as "Hold 'Em Joe". Neither, as far as has been determined, are they related to -- or a pet of -- Steven, Loretta or Danny Mento.

They are a 3rd wave ska band. (California bands in the 1990s rediscovered Jamaican ska as well as the 1970s British Two Tone ska revival.)

After the above appeared, I received an email from Mento Buru, explaining the following:

I just read your "What is Not Mento" list.

Yep, we're not a mento band, but we did record with some mento & buru styles on our second CD.

Our late singer, Bob Dunn (RIP), actually named the band a day before our first big show. We didn't even know what it meant. When he left and we continued, we tried to change the name, but people were confused so we left it as Mento Buru.


Poised for world domination, the "Mento Music Group" is, in reality, neither mento nor a music group. It's a German music company, that according to it's English language web site, offers services,

"like plugging,... and, last but not least, promotion of artists and sound carriers!"

I found this bumper sticker in Hawaii. They're crazy about reggae in Hawaii, but this is not what you might think. "Mento" is Hawaiian slang for, loco/crazy/mental.


Why not buy a
mento portable
fireplace thing?

Just don't forget to
Out De Fire










Finally, this is Mento, a third rate comic book super villain that has been around for decades.

An early version of Mento is to the left, while a more modern rendition is seen to the right.

He is very mad that -- still! -- no one has compiled a box set of rare mento 78s.

I feel his pain.

Left, is Mento in action figure form. Part of the product description read, "He has a non-removable Mento helmet". Well, that's what happens when you have two maracas jammed through your Mento helmet into your head -- your Mento helmet tends to become irremovable.

Above are two examples of the name that Mento's nemesis gave him -- "pot-head"! Please feel free to insert your own joke here.



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