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For Collectors


Page last revised: 12/31/07


First off, please email me at mike@mentomusic.com if you are interested in trading mento recordings. I am interested in trading CD-R recordings (with cover scans when possible).

This page is for mento collectors who want to sell or trade mento records and the like. Send me a description of what you would like to trade or sell along with your contact information and I will post it on this page. The extent of my involvement is to introduce the two parties via this page. All transactions are between the two parties. I am not the middleman.

If you are looking for mento that can be easily purchased on CD, check the Can I Buy Mento? page for a complete rundown.

Dirk Blankenstein Holland has te below Lord Antics LP for sale. Anyone uonterested should reach out to Dirk at dhwjblankenstein@hetnet.nl.      12/31/07  



The Deadly Dragon Sound System maintains a store in NYC's Chinatown is filled thousands of pieces of rare Jamaican vinyl. They are hip to mento, and sometimes have old 78s, 45s and LPs for sale. Although this is not the place for bargain hunters, their selection of rarities is unparalleled. For more, see http://deadlydragonsound.com/.

The Baba Motta solo LP described on the Mento and Jazz page can be purchased from Charles Jackson of Massachusetts for $20, shipping included. He has four copies for sale. You can contact him at CHABEST@aol.com.

Wallace Pryor of St. Louis, Missouri, USA, would like to trade CDR or cassette copies of mento records. He has some mento and calypso, and a lot of hard to find reggae records. He can be contacted at wallacepryor@sbcglobal.net.

Wallace alerted me to musical instrument seller Lark In The Morning, where a rumba box, or as they call it, a "marimbula" can be readily purchased at


Generoso Fierro, who has an excellent radio show out of Boston, focusing on early Jamaican music, is interested in trading from his collection of hard to find Jamaican boogie and ska recordings for mento. He can be contacted at generoso@MIT.EDU

Corey is interested in buying a rumba box. Please contact him at hickory6@hotmail.com. (3/28/2003)


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